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  1. He tried to speak but only more incomprehensible noises resulted from it.
  2. T^T This was one of the moments Cedar wished he could shrink down into nothingness.
  3. He just listened, still not knowing what the hell to say (also, Otto still needs to give Cedar the necklace like we planned that one time. OH ALSO ALSO I have to get ready for work, brb)
  4. He poked Otto, a worried look on his face. "Please don't tell them about that golden stuff." He whispered.
  5. All of his thoughts were all over the place. He didn't know what to say or how to react...
  6. "p- please don't fight, guys..." He stuttered quietly.
  7. Cedar could only manage to make a squeak noise. He wanted to leave, he hated this.
  8. "Ok, lets go." He grabbed Otto's hand, not wanting to loose him in the crowd. Maybe internally it was for another reason. He led Otto to the inn, but hesitated going inside. "I- I don't know about this... You really think it'll be ok?"
  9. "Oookaaay... But I'm going with you, ok?" He stopped hugging Otto and looked at him, making sure that Otto understood how serious this was.
  10. He just made odd grumbling noises again, followed by, "I don't want you to get hurt at all though.."
  11. "I- I found my friends and I talked to Iris for a bit then Iris started getting mad at me for some reason and asking where I had been and I think I just lost my friends." He was crying again. He just wanted his friends back... Why couldn't he have anything that made him happy? It all got taken from him at some point. (Cedar is baybeee 🥺)
  12. This felt nice. Somebody actually comforted him.
  13. He just made a weird sad grumbling noise and hugged Otto tighter.
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