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  1. I want fluff with North but I also want edge and angst and suffering
  2. Green

    SFS art

  3. Green

    SFS art

    and I gave the floof a bit more motion
  4. Green

    SFS art

    Update: hair floof (also made it a bit transparent so I can do lineart)
  5. I added a song can you guys see if you can access it?
  6. if you need it you can use mine idc they're mainly for other people to use anyways
  7. Green

    SFS art

    WIP mini animation "Feelin Gooooooooood"
  8. same .,. yea maybe I should add a song-
  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it has 0 songs but ok- I may have an idea- you can have a separate playlist but the same songs. Anyone that needs one can have a duplicate of their own.
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