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  1. "dog- pig- dog- pig- l o a f o f b r e a d"
  2. Kirlur skidded to a stop, panting and shaking in terror. Her head whipped around, making sure whatever it was hadn't followed her.
  3. (Away from it, sorry for not clarifying) (Or whichever one you want to pick to make things interesting...)
  4. "...." She gulped and ran for it.
  5. Kirlur's front claws gripped the ground, pulling up roots and dirt. Her eyes glistened, and she tried not to run right at whatever was hiding in the grass. Maybe whatever was friendly! but.. then why did it smell like death? She probed the clearing, searching for the path she came from, but it was hard to focus with her thoughts all over the place. A small "He.. hello?" came from her throat. "Is this a game, Rata? It's not funny.."
  6. That.... wasn't Prisidon. She stepped back, the scent filling her body. Her breath came out unsteady, and her back paws gripped the earth, ready to move and flee at any give moment. "Pri.. Prisidon?"
  7. She sighed in relief, and ran towards the sound. "Prisidon, I was wonder where you-"
  8. (yes) You are a little tired. The cool water soothes your stinging leg for just a moment, until you notice something approaching you in the water. Another razorana. -Panic -Chomp -Move -Sleep -Other You are not very tired. You survey the area around you, walking around and sniffing until you think you found the path they took. It seems to lead to the middle of the forest. -Follow -Wait -Move -Sleep? -Other
  9. (I'll say she left with Prisidon, and then she got lost and bitten) @Cookboi
  10. She thought Prisidon was supposed to be here.. Kirlur scanned the area, searching for her brother. She had just looked away for a minute..
  11. You are not tired. You call out to whatever made the noise, and it starts bolting away from you, brushing up leaves and breaking sticks as it goes. You suddenly have to cough, but once you've done that, the creature is gone. -Call out -Search -Wait -Move -Sleep? -Other
  12. (Should Kirlur still be with the group? Or should she be by herself?)
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