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  1. That One Crow


    You don't have to do that, but do you still need a leaf? I could get it to you.
  2. That One Crow


    Oh, sorry, I sent you a message, didn't see the last part. That's fine!
  3. That One Crow


    Does anyone want this boy? If not, that's fine, just want to put him up before I try to sell/chase him
  4. That One Crow


    I can, what's your account?
  5. ^She froze, and went back to her position, seeing if it was playing dead, or, if it had quite literally, dropped dead out of fear of her. It wasn't surprising , but still.^
  6. ^She silently giggled and checked to make sure the mouse was trapped, then let her scent travel toward it as she moved a little to the right.^
  7. That One Crow


    Not to be annoying, but if anyone wants her, I'm going to chase her in a little bit
  8. Thanks friend 😆 I don't really have one either, but I fell the same about liking certain ones. LoFi Is a really cool aesthetic! Yeah, I get what you mean!
  9. That One Crow


    Anyone want this female golden NBW?
  10. That One Crow


    My dude, don't worry, you can always message me on Wolvden!
  11. I just realized I spelled cool wrong and I'm just O-O not surprised, but
  12. All of these sound really col! I'm going to have to search some of them up!
  13. So, what's everyone aesthetic? Any you like? (I want to be cottagecore so much >.<)
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