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  1. or like,,, the devs won't be effected by it, like pirating minecraft wouldn't be so bad as they still are getting a lot of sales from minecraft stuff and a few people pirating it won't change anything (but that's just my opinion)
  2. it's an indie game + you should probably only download pirated games if the devs are really scummy (like ea games) or its like an really old game
  3. kittenslovesnow22188 (pronounced kittens love snow) display name is ralseideltarune usually just playing cringey and badly made undertale games
  4. i have a lime green verison in real life of that sussy one
  5. ok finally have gotten to this !! sorry about being nitpicky about your characters in the quotes ALSO I COMPLETLY FORGOT TO SAY!! only one player per clan also forgot to put the warrior code :(( Accepted! Accepted! (all of these things that im going to mention here are my fault for not listing them in the main topic, im very forgetful lol you'll be starting as a apprentice, but your warrior suffix will be used !! [kit for a bit before i timeskip you guys] very nitpicky but about the moon and stars worship part- the cats wouldn't have any outside influence + the clans in this are basically a cult so idk if it would be possibly for a cat in this to think its dumb or stupid [they wouldn't know its wrong]) Accepted! (as said above im very forgetful so all of the things im gonna say are my fault for not listing them in the topic. you start as a apprentice but your warrior suffix will be used !! [kit for a bit before timeskip] also this is completely my fault for not putting it in the topic but do you mind choosing either shoalclan or atollclan? green said mireclan before you and i want only one cat per clan, im really sorry about this!! if you don't know which one to choose i can choose for you if needed!!)
  6. the nicheling has been cursed for the rest of time, you can never play niche again
  7. everytime someone calls a normal, everyday 4 legged cat i draw a furry in art class i draw one more
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