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  1. I've been trying to find a drawing tablet because it hurts to draw with a finger. Any recommendations? (This is probably the most dumb topic I've ever posted)
  2. i would host a map, but i don't know how to edit-
  3. The plane circled around, a net dangled from a part of the plane.. What?
  4. A Large object flew over the city, the sound it made was ear-bleeding.. It was a.. Plane? But the humans had been gone for thousands of years..
  5. You flew back, A large object flew over your head, almost hitting you. A Plane? Only the humans had planes..
  6. We were once together.. But that was days ago. "Why are we fighting?" The young nicheling looks around at the others. "We have to, If Alba is going to lead the others away, we have to fight. For our freedom, for our home." But Alba had other ideas.. "A WAR? WHAT WAS HE THINKING?" "War is the best thing, maybe we can leave this horrible island.." But Winter is here, and if they want to survive, they would need to survive a winter, and a war. (Sequel to The Frost Lands Tribe Playthrough.)
  7. May have to remake yours because I messed up- Will start working on this now!
  8. When you forget to make the line art on a different layer-
  9. I'll draw non-nicheling characters as long as the person owns them.
  10. I'll draw most anything, Form: Name of character: Gender: Picture: Other: (Like what you want me to add to the drawing.) I have nothing else to do-
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