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problem with running

Started by cziweksonix

East most spiral arm in the galaxy has stars can not be explored at the edge

Started by xhc12345

Nimbatus menu not loading

Started by BRUTALGAMER139

Tutorial Confusion

Started by Ticker

Error Report

Started by Force of Nature

turret inside planet core

Started by Redline

Invisible wall

Started by Corpsey

Fake Planets? - Anomalous Galaxy Readings

Started by DreamShark

Bug Forum Guidelines?

Started by DreamShark

Fuel bulging slightly outside tanks - minor visual glitch

Started by DreamShark

Banks of weapons not firing if they have energy

Started by Corpsey

update annoyances

Started by blackbook7777

Error starting resolution

Started by Pythagora

Numpad keys not working correctly

Started by GalladeGuy

Can't use the delete key for triggering things

Started by GalladeGuy

Deleting a save causes game to not load. (Demo version 0.2.3)

Started by Jakalth

New bugs

Started by Sunny

Nimbatus Demo Version Folder

Started by Tooou

Missing hive on Qumy

Started by ThaDaVos

Laser weapon clarification

Started by 21dtippets