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Update 0.5 Preview - Feedback and Bug Reports
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Update 0.5 Preview - Feedback and Bug Reports
Finally the update is on the preview branch :)
Pretty much the WHOLE dev team was sick during the last weeks, so please excuse the delay! As usual this version is not quite finished and still rather buggy, that's why we uploaded it on a separate branch.

Please note: If you just want to play and enjoy the game DON'T play this version. This version is for bug testing and feedback. Your game will automatically update itself as soon as the update runs well and is pushed to the main branch.

What is new?
- Lots of new island + special challenge islands
- More content for swamp and savanna biomes
- New dynamic pattern system
- New gene unlocking/ mutation system
- Interspecies breeding with Bearyenas
- New textures
- Small adjustments and fixes
(Sickness lasts only 2 days, healing plants cures sickness, ...)
- Lots of new bugs xD

This update features a lot of new content and we had to rebuild the game quite a bit. Because of this older save files will unfortunately not be compatible with this update. We are really curious to hear if the game runs well on your computers now since we hope to have fixed some of the performance issues.

Known issues (currently fixing):
- Animals don't have textures currently (noses etc are missing)
- Animal patterns sometimes don't match with portrait and family tree image

The full release of the game in September is coming closer and closer!
This will be the last "update" before release. However we will keep pushing new builds to the preview branch every few weeks until launch.
All infos about Niche's future can be found here:

How to get the update on Steam:
> open Steam
> right click on Niche in your library
> click on properties
> select the beta tab
> select the dropdown and choose “buggy_0.5_preview"
> the game will update, please wait (restart Steam if the game is not updating)
> play :D
> report bugs and leave feedback here:

Thank you all very much for your time and support :)

\ ^_^ /

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