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  1. The 2nd question: "Who is my rival god?" He sighs "For my sake, be quiet!"
  2. The shadehounds run at the sight of the ... what do I call it? idk. yay! greg just wobbles to the poke. When hit with the ram he shatters into thousands glittering black bits.
  3. The shadehounds tho. CD manages to make a sizable dent in the Obelisk. It hurt though.
  4. The thorns hurt their hands but the eventually climb out. (Knock it over???)
  5. you return to the hole. you can try to climb out etc.etc.
  6. Thanks, the design came from a dream. The group with the quiz is enabled to proceed. The group with Isle enters a space room. The walls seem like their made of galaxy. "Hello, Isle" The voice that was from his head says almost from all around them.
  7. Nothing happened. It's a Shadium only abillity.
  9. Back! As CBC grabs the Shadium, his body starts to transform- into... idk what their gonna be called but it’s kinda a closed species by me and I need a better ref for them but basically:
  10. Hol up- gtg grab something irl for this--
  11. Nobody is gonna die or be evil. Just some things might change.
  12. The die. As in plural of dice. I'm just do what the dice say. Oh yeah, they also have to be in the area where they could die (Aka CD won't die to the Shadehounds, obviously.
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