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  1. Aetherskye

    No action tile!

    Maybe its the title eve spawned on and it's a little glitch cause it thinks she's there but she's not???? (Idk)
  2. Aetherskye

    The Jungle Trees??

    The HUGE ones spawn apes coconut ones do not... You should be fine just keep your senses handy. I'm still jittery from the 3 King cake... so I can't think straight I also still have homework lel ;-; Mah bad
  3. Aetherskye

    No action tile!

    It only seems as though it affect tiles under trees... See if that helps us find the source of this glitch
  4. Wait is this a glitch!? MOONCAKE FRICKEN BREED GET PREGNATE Frick mooncake is a male Shoot
  5. Aetherskye

    Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    We found a chipmunk/Squirrel that had an injured paw, we fed it some milk and fed it a little then we let someone else take care of it. We also save chipmunks in my house. Once my dog fatally injured one but I got it out but it died in my hands. I was crying for ages... and I felt as though it was my fault and everything... I saw it trying to use it's lungs but it couldn't breathe... It still makes me sad
  6. Aetherskye

    Toxic Mister Niche (VOTING)

    KOTA! Yay Chupacabra is 2nd (As I post)
  7. Aetherskye

    Toxic Miss Niche (VOTING)

    KOTA IS A FEMALE Oh well, Its not the first time I've gotten niche genders mixed up, take mooncake and rage for example.
  8. Aetherskye

    Three Kings' Day give away

    @Philo wow! Nimbatus please! Mah lorde we were just going over odds and the lottery in math... what are the odds of that... sorry/not sorry for that pun. Oh and if you couldn't tell my lucky number is 9! Once again thanks! *Squeals with joy*
  9. I'm fine with it WHOS A MALE AND WHOSE A FEMALE I CAN'T TELL Wait! Rage was a girl?
  10. Aetherskye

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

  11. I AM BACK *Rapid fire updates* Ok first of all I almost has a heart attack because I saw a bird go after a rabbil in the corner of the screen and I thought it went after cat-dog *Whew* Meep! SOH BEAUTIFUL See why I don't like blue eyes? hint: they pierce your soul. Boop! danger boi! ROUGE MALE !ALERT! I can't tell if this is a female... (It is) Oh... A birds-eye view of our territory slow but adorbs OH MAH FLOPPIN FIPPIN ALL THE LOAVES OF GLOB THIS IS A PRECIOUS BABY ??? I dont think I showed him but here you go Guess what was here winner gets bragging rights! Dog to Cat? WHY DO MY DOGS KEEP GIVING BIRTH TO CATS? (its a 1/16 i think, she had two back-to-back) awww... poor rouge, I really wanted to see your water-genes (Recessive obviously but they all come from water)
  12. HOW DARE YOU INSULT MAH CAT BABIES Why do my bears keep giving birth to cats?!
  13. artic = arctic I can spell megaloceros 1 try but not arctic... >.< mah bad
  14. Perhaps choose the jungle, But i'd recomend just shutting the game off, and then turning it back on then getting away from console. Perhaps just try to survive on home island w/out home isle immunity? (Just to pass some time, I find that works) I've never had that weather glitch (Probably because I rarely check the antennae forecast) but the jumpto weather command WONT WORK it'll just break your game even more I think it'll register as winter no matter what so just try that??? (Purely theory)
  15. Aetherskye

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    Anything with bearyenas i'm good... Just no balance bears, Digging trucks, or artic ramfoxes... I HATE THE COLD *Starts to sneeze but can't*