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  1. Aetherskye


    I have no idea what to do. Aaaaa
  2. henry Stickmin is the only thing keeping me alive until that ban is lifted- So let me spam you with my culture
  3. Aetherskye just sounded cool lmao everyone be having these deep stories and I’m just like Aether... Sky... Skye yeah that sounds good-
  4. Aetherskye


    Hey so I got banned on Hypixel. yay.... Something about my account being hacked and yahdahyadahya Anyways got that sorted out and I'll be able to get back on in 30 days and Hypixel will permaban me if it happens again- no stress ahaha. (Yes, that's the only reason I came back to the forums- Still more active on discord and Steam.)
  5. 3 hours of work on the creeper farm- most of it was getting dark oak wood for... 10 stacks of trapdoors. so now I'm afking at it yay!
  6. I can always give you if you need any. I have the dex fully complete + a few HAs, a popplio (HA) and a litten (HA). Let me know if you still need anything I know I'm a month late lmao.
  7. Just went bed mining for Ancient debris- 2 away from full netherite :^ am making a Creeper farm so I can get tnt and make it easier.
  8. your daily dose of internet Hello everyone this is your Daily dose of internet. Wait. What. I typed that so wrong.
  9. What biome? You can choose any labeled one.
  10. Straycraft got too laggy for me. The Hermitcraft Season 6 world download is laggy... it's 2gb. Straycraft is 20gb... so I can't play it unless I want 3fps.
  11. Every time I try to say 'Hay bales' I feel dyslexic. I just say Bay Hales because I get confused??? I need help.
  12. What Island and biome do you want to start in? (Sorry for late reply- was with my friend for 2 days.)
  13. Also Bay Hales. I somehow butchered Hay Bales so much that I sounded like a drunk country person.
  14. After years of trying- I finally got my friend into Hermitcraft. She’s currently bingeing all of Mumbo’s season seven and even tuned into a Joe Hill’s stream!
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