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  2. You did not read a single thing I said did you? There is no before plot, we were always on the island. im kinda looking at dsmp for what I consider lore. In the beginning there was no lore, no intention of lore, but then Tommy messed around and accidentally started lore. tl;dr, there is no ‘backstory’ it makes it way to confusing to understand, at least, not for everyone to have the same one. If you want to have your backstory as character development, go ahead but it’s with your own character. Zix if your character got here via the heart of the sea, great! Cause I t
  3. I thought it was lowkey cause Pan is like the god of farming and wheat and wheat makes bread etc.
  4. Yeah, the plot should be decided by how we act in the realm as of now. Thus, your actions actually have to happen to be canon (Polly killing friend, Milo dying etc.) rather than just saying them. No flood, No satan. We all have equal share in the lore, you have what you want with it, what you do, is lore/canon. technically, what me flower and Meowbeez did in that 8 hour vc is canon (but considered more side-ploty since it’s just so wack.) Polly used her share in the lore, then I added on to it. Just be you and do something idk, you’ll get lore somehow.
  5. Remember, sky is uncomfortable with the satan thing. Also I wasn’t there for that so uh...
  6. Oh so everything you left in ur chests at home is up for grabs eh?
  7. I don’t own the netherite but I got a photo of it. Maybe I’m A hacker man Yeah that’s what I meant too. Make it like a pirate tavern.
  8. I think the only thing that’s canon is friend being killed by Polly and my Walmart Milo, the fish that was my pet for like 10 seconds, was killed by salmon the Fox. At least, that’s what I think is canon rn.
  9. We talked about this man. Go onto your own world and switch this one back. I don’t want to go through this again-
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