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  1. Here's an example of /pos and /j being used. ^^,
  2. but if it's a common trigger (blood etc.) then definitely put a tw
  3. If you don't know then it's ok, but if you do know and don't put a tw, that's when it's a problem.
  4. Or images that could possibly trigger trypophobia (I can’t spell it ack.) like wasp’s nests etc.
  5. /pos is another good one. It implies positive intention onto something that could be misunderstood negative? ”HOW DID YOU DO THAT? /pos” is a pretty bad example but it should let you be able to understand it.
  6. And remember only vent on like your own homethreads or pages!
  7. Maybe we could also do /vent before venting like /vent <insert vent here>
  8. Here’s something I’m trying to introduce to prevent more stuff like this happening—
  9. So after a little talking around, I figured we should do something to prevent more misunderstandings to happen again. we can use tone indicators! It’s something the MCYT fandom uses a lot and it might help us a little. tone indicators are like /j /lh that you see at the end of posts. here’s a little key to help you understand them better /j - joke, put it at the end of a joke. /hj- half joke, put it at the end of a joke but half of its not really a joke? Kinda like sarcasm but not. It’s really a feeling on this one /lh - light hearted, when you say something that
  10. I’m putting this in my thread to avoid reviving the thread where this drama happened. but why is it everytime I leave for like 2 days drama happens?? it’s important to remember that both Silver and Georgie are neurodivergent. Silver is autistic and I’m not exactly sure if Georgie is though. Silver tried to peacefully resolve the conflict by blocking Georgie. Then for some reason everyone jumped on the bandwagon??? if two people are arguing over something that doesn’t effect you then don’t join in. there are a few things I don’t understand about the conflict like why Georgie
  11. “Ranboo is on a long villain arc... Sponsored by dream*
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