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  1. yay i finally got Zukii a familiar
  2. I found a beautiful dragon in the auction house who looks like Sonya. If i had 150 gems i would totally buy her
  3. omg i kinda want to breed sonya with my new pastel boi even though i was planning to breed her with Zukii
  4. oMG i no joke got a primal for 1000 treasure proof:
  5. New pastel dergs! Beautiful, but they cost sooooo much
  6. Turns out that Zukii's brother was on sale so I bought him
  7. Here's my entry! Idk how accurate it is since i don't know you in real life and i don't know what you look like so i just designed a random cute nicheling XD It was veeeeery loosely based off your first sona attempt
  8. Made her in the scrying workshop : D
  9. aah baby snappers are so cute! ❤️
  10. I don't have it but I wish I did, it seems like a cool game My friend has it and I remember watching her tame a quetzal
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