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  1. Welcome! ,(^-^)/ I'm usually known as Skysplash8, I'm just being the Niche Police temporarily
  2. Welcome! ,(^-^)/ I'm usually known as Skysplash8, I'm just being the Niche Police temporarily
  3. I don't even have that many achievements (I do have this one tho)
  4. I WANT ROCK AND MY RENPIP (but she has Runner leg instead of bearyena claw) I might not be able to RP much this week but I gotta at least reserve my creatures just maybe don't interact with Rock and Renpip, I'll RP them in their own little scene by themselves for this week, as I don't want someone to have to wait for me to respond.
  5. Belated Welcome! ,(^-^)/ in case you didn't know, I'm usually known as Skysplash8.
  6. Welcome to the forums! I'm usually known as Skysplash8, I'm just patrolling the forums as a Defender Bear that's a Police bear right now
  7. I saw your art in JessiMew's newest AHVHC video. how do you submit art to her? You have inspired me to draw Mist too xD 

    1. Renio2490



      Also, Twitter.

    2. Niche Police

      Niche Police


    3. Renio2490
  8. Scorpius (any tribe of mine that has scorpion tailed creatures tend to have this name among them ), Scorpion, okay that's all i can think of
  9. ugh there's a dog hair on Demi's face
  10. DONE Sorry it's just a rough sketch, that's all I'm good at
  11. I don't even know what's happening in the Black Son because I didn't get on SFS Forums for the whole day. Which means there's 5 pages of roleplaying for me to read.
  12. that peacock tail is gonna be so hard but I'm already committed to this...
  13. how dare you make me sketch you art of this ship
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