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  1. FlowerMask


    fair point.. next goddess day I'll search more.
  2. escaping default? trying to clone one of your nichelings by making the parents in sandbox settings have 1 of every gene they have so when they breed it makes a clone?
  3. FlowerMask


    I tried and it didn't work maybe its just rare.
  4. FlowerMask


    I did too bc I was looking at your topic and I had wanted it for a while and finally decided to get it. question, do you or @Skysplash8 know how to get a firefish? I looked it up but it just said something about the stillest pond on goddess day.
  5. FlowerMask


    Yep its amazing if your looking for a game to play I recommend it. The only downfall is that its still in early access but its fun to see a game grow in my opinion. the art is adorable and you get wrapped up in the story like your actually in the game. I still love niche (Ask my 700+ hours of playing it.) Don't get me wrong I just wanted to say this...
  6. Nuu! not this girl! I wuv her too much! lol.. two melo's … syllables have failed me.
  7. Naki and Alehjenn bred and are waiting and Melo and Lilyra also are a pair and then I bread Ara with a hybrid dude.
  8. Sooo summary of this screenshot.. Had to many babies and now were going to move islands but I kinda want to go to the jungle but idk anymore.
  9. I couldn't tell what their bloodlines were and I didn't feel like sorting them out so I gather the babies in groups and when they get their second gem they travel the island and learn how to hunt and explore.
  10. if you'd like you can. dragons are so complex to draw..
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