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  1. “Nice my cousin could crack them open.. “Wait hold up what?”
  2. Seao looked at sienna making sure she was ok. “ what’s your favorite food mines clown koi w-when I was alive my mom would always have it for dinner with my cousin sister and I.”
  3. “Hah fair point you almost got me but not quite.” He purred smugly
  4. “Hey Renneri wanna talk y’all?”
  5. “You quit so easily..” he purred and flopped next to her
  6. Seao chuckles and boops her on the nose with his fluffy tail then darts behind her and pushes her lightly.
  7. ( I know it’s so cute too!) he doged most of her kicks and darted away.
  8. He pretends to go limp the surges up knocking her off of him and batting at her ear playfully.
  9. The air is released from his lungs he pretends to be hurt and dramatically sinks lower. But he is secretly thinking of Renneri. Why would he just give these awesome powers to who ever that creator thinks is worthy?
  10. Seao is distracted as he looks at the old man(?)
  11. ( same!) he does the equivalent to a sidestep but underwater. And waves his large tail out tauntingly.
  12. Seao giggles the water above his head bubbling. He taunted her then swam a ways away ( 5 tiles)
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