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  1. ill give an actual answer in the morning lol
  2. he's a bad person and was also a rouge i accidentally gene-edited
  3. I guess I'm perfect and I'm never gonna break you down So this is it It's just a mirage Layne, god of deception and rouge males
  4. anybody in this :P (saber-tooth is gazor [he/him], ginger is layne, grey is alesander and albino is tanu if you need names)
  5. Dragonfish Eyes (shown first on a white nicheling with orange eyes, then on a black nicheling with blue eyes and pink pattern) provide +1 Eyesight and +2 Stealth- the Stealth is due to the 'pads' next to the nicheling's eyes (the pads themselves are the colour of the nichelings eyes), which are bio-luminescent in a colour which predators cannot see, which muffles the outline of nichelings with this gene. The gene can only be unlocked by travelling to the jungle with 3 gilled nichelings. (originally from https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/5799-give-me-aesthetics/ )
  6. Should I make these actual feature requests?
  7. hes a fluffy, chunky boy and you cant tell us otherwise
  8. https://www.deviantart.com/jose1106/gallery/
  9. Updated with images of territory!
  10. Orchid Snout provides +1 Attractiveness for both sexes and +2 Insect Attraction; similar to real orchids, a nicheling with Orchid Snout attracts insects to them- however, they cannot be afflicted with the 'sleep' status. A nicheling with Orchid Snout will also have a chance to generate it's own 'special' colours, similar to toxic body but dependent on the original colour. It is unlocked by collecting 30 toxic/poison berries.
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