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    oops, sorry about that haha ^^' and glad you've seen it now yw edit: @Foxy Kaza I've finished (one of) your Nichelings, I decided to do Kirtavan! I'm actually really happy with it, I tried some more fancy shading and I think it looks pretty good. Also, I got to draw teeth and I LOVE drawing teeth I hope his wings/hind legs look ok, I have one back paw coming forward like,, weirdly because his wings hid his legs so hope thats fine hhh,, but anyway here he is! Hope you like it
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    I got the nichelings that I have lineart of colored I'm gonna take a small break from this I've only been working on this for the past few days I may have gotten some of the patterns wrong, some of the patterns were pretty complex
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    Her mask is asymmetrical! Share your similiar cases below
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    *Has no idea what is happening and decides to lurk around here*
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    When your least useful nicheling dies
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    When your most useful nicheling dies
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    a long time ago I had a dream about this purple nicheling named Sprigflower and long description short she had a scorpion tail AND a fishing tail (she's a goddess now). so yeah upvote
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    I'm a firebender
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    we stan Rogue Males there is a constant dripping sound and it is driving me crazy hELP
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    I have now become obsessed with the Mean Girls musical
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    HAHA SIKE! The only reason this topic exists was so I could advertise my new game, Worm Style! >
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    A lot of suggestions involve a new slot for a small feature that really fit into any other gene slot but is too small to take up a whole slot dedicated to just that feature. (The UI can only be so long until it reaches the edge of the screen.) So let's have multiple traits in a single slot! The most dominant one would be "no trait" and the rest could be things like heterochromia or genetic diseases. I think this could make an okay DLC. List of suggestions that could work with this: (if there are more that I didn't list, let me know and I'll add them) I'll also be making a new suggestion soon involving this
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    and example two (Didn't want to have to fill in all the circles...)
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    First example (All blanks are for new genes)
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    Thanks for reporting! We will look into it!
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    y e s sorry about that lol am t i r e d and- u h t i r e d
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    STOP DOWN-VOTING IT GUYS THIS COULD BE REALLY COOL! I feel like it would make an extra slot on the gene thing for special mutations, like this! Maybe like dwarfism and this. Maybe this could be where the three colors could fit, as calico and tortoiseshell patterns on cats are mutations!
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    I have something from a youtube video-
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    I would like to make an offer for the ability to dig burrows. In order to do this, a high level of digging skills will be needed, but I think that it would be better to have places where it can be dug out so as not to dig up the entire map, and I thought, if nichelings need to dig out the roots because they are underground, thenwhy would they find themselves in holes, they could simply be collected.also I do not think that flying nichelings would be able to move freely there and then they would have to walk, which would significantly reduce their movement around the cells. ..I also think it would look something like this, as soon as we dig a hole, we would have Up and Down buttons that would allow us to move between the surface and the holes themselves (I mean looking at the map of the surface and holes, as in Sims withconstruction of floors and basement), it would also add new predators or animals that could live underground. ..there could be islands on which it is impossible to dig holes, for example, in a swamp, since there is not a stable ground. It seems that this is all, it needs improvements, but this is at least something. ..to be honest, I don’t think that many people will like this idea as it is rather complicated both for implementation and for gameplay, and it’s not as interesting as many others, but I just wanted to suggest it. ..and I hope the text doesn't look too clumsy.
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    I just don't think the suggestion would be right for the game. I mean, sometimes it happens in real life, but like....
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    oh crap i never got the notifications for this:: @Impy10@Sky Unfortunately I can't give you guys invite codes because I don't have the membership there. Only people with membership are given codes. If I find someone giving away codes I'll let you guys know
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    hi it's me motorgeist from the niche server Can I get Vernon as FNAF 1 Bonnie? All his images are on this page: https://toyhou.se/7441009.vernon-main-sona-/gallery If the link doesn't work, let me know.
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    This run isn't dead. I'm just busy doing other things as well.
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    What’s worse is that it would completely make the game dark and disgusting for me.. so instead of killing them, just banish them when they age up to a child.
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    *finishes playing wolfquest and checks back on the forum* *sees this* Uh... O_O need a good reaction image
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    one time my friends just kept looking up questionable minecraft pickup lines during art and saying them to each other. lots of laughs that day, it was neat
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    jdsncfkjsgv Hello Philo. We are just casually keeping a homie's homethread meming while they're gone.
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    "Do it for the discord server counter!"
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    you can get orange fur by combining Red + Yellow fur, and stripes are still in the game. Or am I misunderstanding you?
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    When you have to sacrifice a nicheling by putting it between a predator and a baby
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    when your absolute favorite nicheling dies
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    Tysm! when i get my tablet back im definitely saving this
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    title Hivewing Silkwing Leafwing Mudwing Sandwing Skywing Seawing Rainwing Icewing Nightwing I worked hard on this :<
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    @mhiahia Heya, I've finished your request of Roku! I may still do Reneer, but here's Roku first. I hope the patterns are ok, I couldn't be sure how his tail and hind leg patterns looked so I went off best guesses. If you wish I can change them, it'll take like 2 seconds and I wouldn't mind! Also, the image should be transparent, but I'm not sure if the forums take transparency? So yeah,, He's so precious ,, ❤️ I read your playthrough "The Search for Home" with him and just out of interest, it seems like the last update was while ago, so are you ever planning to continue it? Again, just wondering, no pressure haha! Anyway yeah, hope you like it and again I don't mind changing some of the patterns. 😄 Enjoy!! ❤️
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