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Looking for Niche Mobile Testers now!


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Hi, I'd love to test niche on mobile!

I'm actually Argenté Mond in the niche discord server, and I've loved all 402 hours of niche I've played of it.

I would love it if I could be part of testing part of niche's next steps, and into the mobile world!

If I'm chosen, I do swear to secrecy.

Here are my phone's specs, I hope I can test it!


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23 minutes ago, ytspacedog123 said:

@PhiloCan I become a Mobile Niche tester I have a Galaxy 6s plus and the version is 7.0. If you need me to tell you more just ask me. So can I please become a tester

She'll reply to you when she has time :)

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@Tears_of_Quartz Yes, I'll add you :)
@shaylee727 Please read the requirements at the beginning of the thread, you need at least 10 posts in the forums to apply as a tester. We ask for this since the build we're giving out for testing is still quite early and we prefer to work with people we already know a bit :)

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